About Us

Our Writers’ Retreats have been created to accommodate ingenious people & travel nomads who are looking for an artistic environment to work on a writing project (or any other art project).

Combining our renowned Greek hospitality with fresh home-made food tailored to your cravings, we aim to offer an exceptional setting with totally personalised service.

The locations of our independent residencies guarantee a tranquil, remote, untouched & idyllic environment where the artists have the chance to get inspiration, focus on their project without any distraction and eventually feel like home.

All seasons has something to offer and our residencies have been made to host creativity, innovation, imagination and visionary people who look for a place to commit.

Last but not least, your hosts are retired overlanders and artists at heart. Nikos Dimitriou & Georgia Micheli explored the world full-time for 7 years before creating Writer’s Retreats in Greece and so, we have a vast experience on hospitality industry.

Nikos is the author & publisher of Traveliving & 69FAQ Before Going Overland, two unique overland travel publications. Georgia is the curator of TravelEating by Georgia food+travel project.