Useful info before visiting Evia

Culture, History & Arts 

The island of Evia (or Euboea) is less than an hour away from Athens, the Greek capital of almost 5 million people. Besides that, your Retreat is 2,5 hours drive from the main Archeological Museum of Delphi & 5 hours from Ancient Olympia. The most famous Ancient Greek Theatre of Epidaurus is 3,5 hours drive.

The most prominent culture, history & arts related sites such as the Megaron Mousikis (Concert Hall), the Stavros Niarxos Foundation Cultural Centre, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Acropolis Museum as well as the Parthenon Archeological Site are all a matter of time from both residencies.

All make up for great day-trips in order to get a better understanding of Greek history & culture while staying in one of the Retreats. Transfers & visits to these sites & events can be organised upon request.

Distances guide:

La Casa Grande, Aliveri – Acropolis Museum, Athens: 125 km (2 hours)

La Casa Grande, Aliveri – Stavros Niarxos Foundation Cultural Centre, Athens: 130 km (2 hours)

La Casa Grande, Aliveri – Archeological Museum of Delphi: 180 km (2,5 hours)

La Casa Grande, Aliveri – Archeological Site of Ancient Olympia: 410 km (5 hours)

La Casa Grande, Aliveri – Ancient Greek Theatre of Epidaurus: 250 km (3.5 hours)

Relaxation & Recreation 

Evia is an island not that popular like Mykonos, Santorini, Crete or Corfu even though it is the second biggest after Crete. This means that we don’t have a great influx of tourists -especially during high season- but the infrastructure & facilities do exist for the traveller who wants to explore the island. Most important, an abundance of beaches who are barely visited, compared to the Greek islands of Aegean & Ionian Sea, are just next door.

Evia has the privilege to have two coastlines filled with all-year-round safe-to-swim beaches in both sides, the bay of Evoikos (Evoikos Kolpos or Gulf of Euboea) to the west & the Aegean Sea to the east. Most of them are maximum 2 hours drive from both residencies. Only thing you will need is transportation which is already included in your stay.

Greek Tourism Product

Greece is a modern European country & it is really safe as well as convenient to travel around. Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport near Athens is about 2 hours driving from both Retreats. The tourism product & infrastructure is of really high quality. In general terms, the travel costs are quite reasonable for the quality you will experience in food, accommodation, transportation & other tourism related activities & services.

We, as Nikos & Georgia, make always sure that you will experience all possible aspects of Greece. Family setting, city of Athens, countryside, beaches, culture, local cuisine, EVERYTHING!

Telecommunications, Internet & Networking

Desk with laptop

Since June 2017, all EU citizens do not have roaming charges when travelling to another EU country. This practically means that you can carry over your mobile plan and use your phone like you do at home.

For guests from North America, Australia & other countries outside of EU, we can offer you a complimentary SIM card packed with data and a Greek number that your friends and family can reach you (provided that your cellphone is unlocked)

Last but not least, check this brief guide we have created for you with useful info and links.