Day Trips, Tours & Activities in Greece

Day Trips, Tours & Activities in Greece

The island of Evia (or Euboea) is less than an hour away from Athens, the Greek capital of almost 5 million people. Besides that, your Retreat is 2,5 hours drive from the Archeological Museum of Delphi & 5 hours from Ancient Olympia. Plus, the famous Ancient Greek Theatre of Epidaurus is 3,5 hours drive. All make up for great day-trips, tours & activities in order to get a better understanding of Greek history & culture while staying in our Retreats (have a closer look in the map below).

The most prominent culture, history & art related sites such as the Megaron Mousikis (Concert Hall), the Stavros Niarxos Foundation Cultural Centre, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Acropolis Museum as well as the Parthenon Archeological Site are a matter of time from our residencies.

Relaxation & Leisure

Evia is a Greek island but not that popular. Yet, it is the second biggest after Crete. Unlike Mykonos, Santorini or Corfu, we don’t have a great influx of tourists -especially during high season- but the infrastructure & facilities do exist for the traveller who wants to explore the island. Most important, an abundance of beaches which are barely visited, are just next door.

Evia has the privilege to have two coastlines filled with all-year-round safe-to-swim beaches in both sides; the Evoikos Bay (Evoikos Kolpos) to the west & the Aegean Sea to the east. Most of them are maximum 1-2 hours drive from both residencies. Only thing you will need is transportation which is included at your stay.

Nature & Recreation

Due to its size and geomorphology, North & South Evia combine a wide range of mountain and sea activities and make up for a perfect destination for hiking and mountain biking through dense forests, crossing impressive canyons and mountaineering to imposing peaks, swimming and snorkeling in crystal seas.

Evia is ideal for nature lovers, trekking enthusiasts, sea admirers and history seekers. 

AgroTourism in Evia

The hardest part of agrotourism is not to farm & harvest your own fresh produce but make your guests passionate about it and prepare them for a full immersion to the Greek farm culture & tradition.

We make our own extra virgin olive oil, wine, tsipouro, vinegar, bread & pastries, feta cheese, jams, natural soaps & honey-sesame bars, tomato paste, mustard & mayonnaise

However, we don’t do commercial farming. No pesticides, no chemicals, no GMO seeds but natural processes & small quantities in an attempt to guarantee the highest quality for our family & our guests who are part of the family. 

We are blessed & fortunate to have our own olive grovesvineyard & little vegetable farms in the island of Evia. Every season has something to offer.

During August & September, we harvest our little vineyard & make our own wine and tsipouro. From end of October until mid December we harvest our olive trees. From May to August, we make our home-made jams & spoon sweets depending on the seasonality of the fruits. 

Our values are simple but true:

  • respect to our homeland,
  • thoughtfulness for the sustainability of the life cycle & natural resources,
  • passion for our culture,
  • attention to perfection and
  • enthusiasm to educate & inform you the best way we can

Private Tours & Transfers 

Whatever day trip, tour or activity you choose, we have you covered. We are your guides & private drivers and we make sure that you get everywhere in time in the safest way. 

The Greek Taxi & Evia Private Tours are our sibling transfer and tour businesses. We are fully licensed transfer and taxi service providers registered in Greece and we are committed to offer premium transportation services. Needless to say that our guests get top priority!

Our brand new vehicles offer the maximum safety, convenience & luxury possible.

After booking your writing retreat, your cooking class or your private dining experience please let us know about what would you be more interested in, so we can plan together your escapes from your art residency.

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