Nerophidia — by Hilary Sideris


Nikos apologizes for the clouds.
He says sheep might disturb my sleep.

Two hours from Athens, on Evia, 
there will be small black snakes

called nerophidia, who love water, 
nero in Greek, but they won’t bite.

A bee might fly into the house. 
We cross Chalkida bridge. Red

rubber strips flap from the struts. 
That’s not an accident – bungy

jumpers. The weather’s strange 
as usual, chilly in May.

Because I am American, Nikos 
offers to turn the AC on.

—by Hilary Sideris

Copyright ©2023, by Hilary Sideris. All Rights Reserved.


Hilary Sideris

Hilary Sideris is the author of Un Amore Veloce (Kelsay Books 2019), The Silent B (Dos Madres Press 2019), Animals in English (Dos Madres Press 2020), and Liberty Laundry (Dos Madres Press 2022.)

She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

She spent most of May at La Casa Grande, a writers’ retreat in Evia, Greece.

We hosted Hilary for some time in May 2023 at La Casa Grande in Agios Ioannis, Evia.

We are more than grateful and humbled for being part of her inspiration and eventually her work.

Wine & Olive Oil Retreat – December 2022

wine and olive oil retreat EVIA

We, Nikos and Georgia, the people of Writers’ Retreats in Greece have decided to take another step forward and start offering small groups retreats (8-10 people).

Hence, we have initiated a solid network of locals who have one thing in common.

We come from Evia, we grow up in Evia, we love Evia.

So, we have joined forces to create Evia Retreats.

Evia Retreats is a fresh initiative to bridge the gap between the people who decide to visit Evia -but have a little or no idea what this non-advertised destination has to offer- with the small business owners who are offering accommodation, transportation, F&B and recreation services and doing their best for the people who choose to visit our island.

Those who have visited our retreats and have stayed in our spaces have a good idea about our passion and true love about hospitality! So, you know what to expect 😉

Those who have not done it yet, are more than welcome to come join us and experience first hand what Evia is all about and who is Nikos & Georgia!

olive groves evia

We are thrilled to invite you in our first Wine & Olive Oil Retreat that will take place from 6th until 11th of December 2022 in Evia island.

Daily revitalizing yoga and meditation sessions inside an olive grove, two mediterranean cooking classes and workshops, one natural soap seminar, wine tasting and visit in local vineyards and a full day extra virgin olive oil farm-to-table workshop are making up a 6 days immersion package to the Greek culture and nature like no other!

You, creative people, are more than welcome!!!!

Early bird pricing is ON for bookings until 31st of October.

More info can be found here: