Our Writers’ Retreats are located in the island of Evia (or Euboea), roughly 1,5 hours drive from the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport of Athens.

La Bodeguita | Dafni, Nerotrivia

Dafni is spectacularly engulfed at the shores of North Euboean Gulf, 33 km north of Chalkida (or Khalkis or Chalcis or Xalkida or just Χαλκίδα in Greek), the capital of Evia (or Euboea or Evoia or just Εύβοια in Greek) and 130 km from the International Airport of Athens.

It is a tiny little settlement with less than 15 permanent residents. Quiet & picturesque with stunning, warm sunsets and a nostalgic atmosphere especially during autumn and spring. The beach is less than one minute walk from the house and is safe for swimming and accessible all year round. Hiking trails and viewpoints on both sides of the bay offer day activities for the adventurous as well as provide with spots where you can get inspired. The nearby sleepy little town of Nerotrivia, offers the authentic yet untouched Greek spirit with the typical tavernas and coffee places (kafeneio) where locals meet and hang out.

Untouched, secluded, peaceful; the perfect environment to commit to your project without being distracted for as long as you want.

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La Casa Grande | Agios Ioannis, Aliveri

Agios Ioannis is naturally nested in the Servouni Mnt about 47 km west of Chalkida & 142 km away from the International Airport of Athens. It has been declared as a Traditional Settlement and has a Laographic (Folklore) Museum which houses and preserves traditional tools and household objects, all part of the cultural heritage of the area.

It is a rural area with 1.500 permanent residents and the majority of them are farmers. The little town has a great history since the early Byzantine times when the first settlements started to appear and its strategic location deep inside the valley of nearby mountains offered a safe setting for the citizens during the Second World War.

There are still houses which has been made of locally quarried stone, bringing them into harmony with the landscape. One of them, is your Retreat which has been recently renovated and remodelled in order to accommodate the needs of a writer as well as meet the modern standards of an art residency.

Apart from day hikes in the surrounding mountains and scuba diving in the nearby Petries village, farm visits and related activities (milking, cheese and yogurt making, etc.) genuinely attached to the traditional Greek way of living which still prevails in the villages, are available and offer an unforgettable experience that can be of high value for your next writing project.

The nicest beaches of east Evia are about an hour drive from the residency but there are also quite a few in less than half an hour to the west. All make up a great excuse to stop working as well as enjoy the winter sea breeze or the famous Greek summer.

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