AgroTourism Vacations in Evia

The most hard part of agrotourism is not to farm & harvest your own fresh produce but make your guests passionate about it and prepare them for a full immersion to the Greek farm culture & tradition.

We make our own extra virgin olive oil, wine, tsipouro, vinegar, bread & pastries, feta cheese, jams, natural soaps & honey-sesame bars, tomato paste, mustard & mayonnaise

However, we don’t do commercial farming. No pesticides, no chemicals, no GMO seeds but natural processes & small quantities in an attempt to guarantee the highest quality for our family & our guests who are part of the family. 

During August & September, we harvest our vineyard & make our own wine. From end of October until mid December we harvest our olive trees. From May to August, we make our home-made jams & spoon sweets depending on the seasonality of the fruits. 

We are blessed & fortunate to have our own olive grovesvineyard & little vegetable farms in the island of Evia. Every season has something to offer.

Our values are simple but true:

  • respect to our homeland,
  • thoughtfulness for the sustainability of the life cycle & natural resources,
  • passion for our culture,
  • attention to perfection and
  • enthusiasm to educate & inform you the best way we can

You can always combine your writing retreat with an agrotourism experience (upon availability due to seasonality).

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