Greek Summer is a State of Mind

This is the latest spot of the Greek Tourism Organisation in order to boost the tourism and warm up the people who want to visit Greece but they are a bit sceptical or hesitant due to the global virus situation.

Even us were surprised to find out that the beach where they shot this short spot is in Evia. It is actually in Lichadonisia in North Evia and more specifically in Cavos Beach near Agios Georgios.

Regardless of the location though, it’s not the sea; it’s not the sun. It’s more than that.

Greek Summer is a State of Mind.

Being with the people you love; connecting with nature; feeling free.

That’s Greek Summer!

Check out our Summer 2020 Brochure and start planning around the Greek Summer. 

>  Writers’ Retreats in Greece Brochure Summer 2020


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