The New York Times 2022 Destinations List for a Changed World features Evia Island

In February 2020 just before COVID19 explosion, The New York Times published a list on how to choose a Greek Island.

Luckily, Evia was not included.

Why? Cause it is an unparallel true hidden gem with little infrastructure, few landmarks & zero beach resorts!

We celebrated this list like no other!!!!

A few days ago, The New York Times published a list with 52 destinations around the globe where travellers can be part of the solution for a Changed World.

Guess what?

Evia is No9 in the list.

For those who do not know, North Evia went through a dramatic environmental disaster. An estimated 300,000 acres of forest and bushland were incinerated over last summer amid temperatures that reached 47.1C, the highest on record.

About 5% of travellers, choose to visit non touristic destinations with little or zero tourism infrastructure but tremendous interaction with locals.

Evia was such a destination and still is high in this list.

Lets celebrate together this summer.

Be our guests!

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