Writers’ Retreats in Greece being featured in the Most Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2022 by KOTOBEE

Kotobee is a digital publishing platform to create and publish interactive ebooks for Android, iPad, iPhone, HTML5, desktop, SCORM, LTI, and more!

Kotobee has over 60,000 current users, over 1,200 new users joining each month from over 200 countries in K12, higher education, corporate training and publishing sector. 

Kotobee Services is a series of services to help writers along the path from inception to completion of ebooks, ebook apps, and ebook libraries. Clients select from one to all services: consultationdesignconversionscripting, and deployment. Clients provide the text, Kotobee does the rest.

The Kotobee Platform, launched in 2016, is an end-to-end solution to create, manage and deliver interactive ebooks in multiple formats for countless platforms and devices. Four Kotobee products and services comprise the Kotobee Platform: Kotobee AuthorKotobee CloudKotobee Library and Kotobee Reader.

Writers’ Retreats in Greece had been featured in the Kotobee 2021 Writing Retreat GuideLa Casa Grande and La Bodeguita Writing Retreats had been selected along with other retreats around the world to escape to in 2021

Writers’ Retreats in Greece could not be missing by this year’s list that Kotobee published recently. Both our Writing Retreats have been featured -among others- as the most incredible writing retreats to attend in 2022.

COVID19 explosion has been hitting our industry like no other. Luckily, summer 2021 was far better than summer 2020. We hope and wish that in the summer 2022, we will see some signs of recovery and start hosting again visionary people who are looking for a place to commit and create.

So honoured, so proud, so responsible to keep up the great work! THANK YOU Kotobee!

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