Writers’ Retreats in Greece Annual Survey of Excellence & Improvement

La Bodeguita Writing Retreat Dafni

It has been almost 3 years since we created the Writer’s Retreats in Greece. In the aftermath of the recent virus shakedown, we noticed that almost everybody -except President Trump- started to rethink, reorganize and change completely the way they do things in their lives.

We belong to this category of people who see hardships and misfortunes as new opportunities and chances. Having said that, we aim to change the way we operate. We want to polish the good stuff, get rid of the clutter and start adding new exciting touches.

Honestly, we cannot think any better way to do it but listen to YOUR feedback. Hence, we are launching the first Annual Survey of Excellence and Improvement that we mean to run for a long time because sky is the limit!

Please allow 5 minutes of your super valuable time and complete the survey. It is anonymous and the results will stay between us. A huge THANK YOU in advance!

Greek Summer is a State of Mind

Mourteri Beach Evia

This is the latest spot of the Greek Tourism Organisation in order to boost the tourism and warm up the people who want to visit Greece but they are a bit sceptical or hesitant due to the global virus situation.

Even us were surprised to find out that the beach where they shot this short spot is in Evia. It is actually in Lichadonisia in North Evia and more specifically in Cavos Beach near Agios Georgios.

Regardless of the location though, it’s not the sea; it’s not the sun. It’s more than that.

Greek Summer is a State of Mind.

Being with the people you love; connecting with nature; feeling free.

That’s Greek Summer!

Check out our Summer 2020 Brochure and start planning around the Greek Summer. 

>  Writers’ Retreats in Greece Brochure Summer 2020


Don’t miss this epic spot >>

Our Brand New Summer 2020 Brochure

Summer is around the corner and the bloody virus has almost gone (at least they say so!).

We have cleaned meticulously our spaces, we have modified the way we cook and we treat you in order to comply with the new reality, we have supplied the properties with all the necessary anti-virus protection equipment & accessories, we have checked the weather, we have serviced the bicycles and we have our doors wide open again this summer!

Don’t miss the chance to check out our brand new Summer 2020 Brochure  (new Locations & new Spaces have been added as per your request 😉

Apply today and reserve your discounted space for your writing project.

Crazy Spring Offer – Valid for 7 days

Spring Offer up to 15% off

Warm weather, nature in full bloom and unique customs. Spring in Greece is an experience not to be missed.

Spring is actually one of the best time to visit Greece for a number of reasons. Less crowds, lower prices, mild temperatures and a nostalgic feel before summer vibes take over.

Greek summer & Greek islands should be definitely high in your bucket list but spring in Greece is an unforgettable experience that will completely change the idea you had before visiting Greece.

Agios Ioannis is a typical Greek mountain village. Dafni is a tiny little setting in the middle of nowhere by the coastline of Evia. Can you think any better place to stay and work on your next writing project?

Cause we want you to get this feeling, we throw this Crazy Spring Offer which is valid for 7 days (until 31st of January) for stays from March to May 2020.

10% off if you go for the Take me to Greece | Full Board Lodging

15% off if you go for the Take me to Greece | Lodging with Breakfast


See here the Price List Summer 2020

Tom Hanks short interview about his Honorary Greek Citizenship

Tom Hanks, regarded as one of the nicest men in show business, was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes on Sunday the 5th of January, 2020 to mark his 30-year movie career.

Tom Hanks received the prestigious Cecil B deMille Award at the Golden Globes, recognising a lifetime career in cinema.

The Cecil B. DeMille award is given annually by Golden Globe organizers the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to an actor, director or producer who has made a lasting impact on the film industry.

Among others, he was very very briefly interviewed by a Greek journalist and see what he said about his very recent Honorary Greek Citizenship that was granted by the President of the Hellenic Republic:

In accordance with the Greek law, individuals may be granted honorary naturalisation if they have “provided exceptional services to the country or whose naturalisation serves the public interest”.

The American film star’s wife, actor and producer Rita Wilson, is of Greek descent and the couple visits every summer the Greek island of Antiparos, where they own a villa. Antiparos is one of the Cyclades islands in the middle of the Aegean Sea.